Tips & Tricks

1. Abruptly stops scanning   (" . . . it was scanning yesterday, won't scan today, I don't know what happened . . . ")

It is highly unusual for scanning to stop on its own. Place an original in the Auto feeder and attempt to make a copy. If the original is fed and an image appears on the outputted copy, we at least know the feeder works as it should.

Then, what did you change on the network? In most cases, scanning stops because of something you did changed without being aware of its effect.

  1. See if the Ethernet cable is plugged into the router or switch, and MFP. If you can’t do that, see if the MFP prints. If it does print, it’s not the cable.
  2. Make certain that the IP address for the target destination (folder) is correct. It must scan to the proper IP address, path and folder.
  3. If scanning FTP, make certain that your FTP server or FTP Utility (Filezilla) haven't been messed with or eliminated. FTP Scanning will not occur without Filezilla.
  4. Make certain that Internal Firewall is turned off. You do not need a firewall from desk to desk transfer, office to office. If the firewall is ON, it will prevent the scan from reaching its target destination.
  5. Make certain that the router IP address has not changed. If you got a new router, make certain that it shares the address of the old router or that it is properly configured to allow scanning to occur.

2.  Matching paper not found

Has your Konica Minolta MFP worked problem-free for years when the message “Matching Paper Not Found” appears and copies or prints refuse to be made? The problem is that the paper guides within the MFP have moved slightly open either in length or in width. The paper guides must be up against the paper and NOT just very close to the paper. The MFP is reading the size of the paper from the slightly opened guides and not the paper itself.

If this is happening during a Copy mode, be certain to position the guides up against the original as well, and not close to the original.

3. Konica Minolta Service Codes

E0XXX means that it's time to bend down and open each paper drawer individually and look into the rear right hand corner looking for crumpled paper. If you can’t remove the paper, let us know and we'll give you an idea of what to try next.

4. Paper stuck in Automatic Feeder

This is a tough one, but you can try to release the paper before contacting us. If you see a small area of the paper coming out from the feeder OR you suspect where it may be trapped inside the feeder, try taking an index car and gently re-insert the card in the black paper path of the feeder to nudge the paper out form where it is lodged. Do not be rough with the feeder. Also, try not to annilate the remainder of the paper since it will get harder to work with smaller and smaller bits of paper as the exercise goes along.

5. Spots and lines on copies

Where are they coming from? Place a plain white paper on the glass and make 3 copies. If the same spot appears in exactly the same position, look for white out or pen marks on the glass and clean with Windex. If the spot moves around, call us.

If lines appear on your copies, copy a blank white sheet by using the automatic document feeder. If the line appears on the copy, measure the distance the line appears from the edge of the copy paper. Look for an obstruction, pen mark or white-out on the 1 inch slit glass left of the main glass on the copier. The quickest way to find the obstruction is to look on the OPPOSITE edge of the slit glass from where it appears on the copy.

If the obstruction is NOT on the slit glass, look for it on the white concave surface on the underside of the automatic feeder. The concave surface is on the left side of the feeder. The obstruction or pen mark will be miniscule, but you should be able to find it.

6. Toner

Office Dynamics, Inc. will do everything possible to maintain as close to 100% uptime for your Konica Minolta MFP as possible. We work hard to insure that you don't ever have to worry about toner and other consumables.

If your Konica Minolta MFP is VCare-enabled, it will have a VCare decal affixed to it. VCare-enabled Konica Minolta MFPs will order toner automatically as it approaches the minimum level. Install the toner when the “Replace Toner” message occurs.

On Konica Minolta MFP’s that are not yet VCare-enabled, two similar messages will appear in the control panel that will alert you to toners and other consumables that your MFP requires.

Prepare . . .” means that you should already have the necessary supply item mentioned. If you don't have it on hand, it is time to order it. Refer to the Office Dynamics Blue ID tag for phone number and ID number. You can also order through the Office Dynamics website.

Replace .  .  .” means that you need to replace the item. After you're done, order the replacement. It’s that simple. No interruptions in the future for lack of supplies.

7. " . . . Cannot Sucessfully Print from Computer onto Thicker Paper . . ."

So you want to print on thicker paper from the Konica Minolta Multi Functional printer, and you get repeated messages about having to check “Paper Tray Settings”, even after you set the control panel to a thicker paper.

This is how to do the entire process properly;

  1. Examine the package or the box that the paper came from, and find its weight. Practically all paper will have it identified on a metric scale, and jot it down.
  2. Press the Yellow Reset key on the Control Panel.
  3. Press the Auto Paper Key.
  4. Select the paper drawer that you intend to place the paper in, and put the paper in that drawer, and close the drawer.
  5. Select the drawer that you placed the paper in.
  6. Touch the key that says “Change Tray Settings
  7. Scroll through the possibilities until Thick Paper appears with same matching paper weight as the amount that you jotted down. Press ok
  8. But wait, that only told the copier the paper that is present, you need to identify the same info to printer as an intended print job.
  9. Go to PRINT, PROPERTIES, select the BASIC tab, select PAPER SOURCE, choose the paper source that you put the thicker paper in. Then select “PAPER SETTINGS IN EACH TRAY”.
  10. Then Select the exact type of paper thickness (i.e. Thick 2) from the dropdown menu as you chose when at the Konica Minolta Control Panel of the MFP. Press OK, and repeated OK’s if the other choices like Layout , Finish and Quantity are criteria that you are satisfied with.

8. Certain Scan to Email Destinations do not work

“I’m doing everything right but the PDF does not appear in my email after it was scanned, what’s up with that”?    So  you checked your in Inbox and the scanned image does not appear. Check the Spam Folder and its probably there.  What to do?

The major Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) are implementing higher levels of Spam filtering and certain scanned images are being caught and sent into the Spam Folder. There is nothing wrong with your Konica Minolta Multi Functional Printer, and there are no settings on the Konica Minolta MFP to override the Spam Filter, but these are settings within Gmail if Gmail is what you use.


Other ISP’s have their respective methods of adjusting their Spam Filtering and you should Google your service provider.


9.  " . . . Cannot print onto envelopes from your computer . . .  " (Envelope keeps Jamming) 

Despite what most people say, printing onto envelopes is difficult and it does not need to be, if you follow the few basic but neccessary instructions. 

1. Know the size or name of the envelope you are printing onto. The Konica Minolta MFP NEEDS to know what you will be printing onto, and the word processing program is going to need the size or name of what you will be printing onto. Most business envelopes or Com 10 but know what you are using.

2. Insert the envelopes into the sheet pass tray on the right side of the MFP printer or the paper drawer of your choice. 

3. At the control paner of the MFP, select Paper, then select the location of the bypass or drawer that you just inserted the paper into by pressing the appropriate key. 

4. Press "Change Tray Settings", and then select "Envelope".

5. If you select Envelope, a list of Envelopes will appear and select the Envelope type or size that you are using.

6. Press "OK"


At your computer, select File,  "Print", Select "Printing Preferences", then select the tab that says "Basic", then select the "Drawer" or "Bypass Tray" that you inserted the envelopes into. In that selection, select "Paper Tray Settings from Each Tray' then scroll down until "Envelopes" appear, and make this selection.  Your computer and Konica Minolta MFP now have matching settings and printing should now work successfully. 


10.   How to print church bulletin covers, with folding – center stapling and sorting.                                                                                    You MUST utilize a Konica Minolta booklet finisher ending with the suffix SD. No other finisher will follow these instructions.

Your Konica Minolta print drivers will allow multiple applications and functions to integrate and operate together.

Printing bulletin covers are easy, if you follow the proper steps. Two basic steps are essential. The first  is that your content should be done with Microsoft Word. The second step is that your original draft should be in 8.5 x 11 as the original.

For ideal results, your pages should be in multiples of 4 (4, 8, 12, 16, etc.) and no less than 3 pages from an aesthetics viewpoint. Decide whether your printed document cover is 8.5 x 14” (legal) or 11 x 17” (ledger) sized. Insert your bulletin covers in drawer 1 printed side down as the trailing edge, insert identically sized paper in drawer 2.

The steps are as follow;

Select File

Select print

Select the Konica Minolta printer you are using

Select Printing Preferences (on some older drivers you select Printer Properties)

From the Basic tab, select Page Orientation = Portrait

                                             Select Original = 8.5 x 11

                                             Select Paper = Tray 2

From the Layout tab select Booklet

From Finish tab select Center Staple and Fold

From Covers tab select Front Cover. Select Tray 1 as the source of the cover. The next selection on this tab will allow the front cover to be blank or printed.  Select Print within this tab.

Enter the quantity of copies required. Select Print on the bottom of the Dialogue Box.

Note that if you utilize legal sized paper as the bulletin, the amount of reduction required will be automatically calculated between the size of the original and size of the 8.5 x 7” panel that you are printing the image onto.

11.  " . . .  Printing onto envelopes is upside down, or on the wrong side of an envelope . . . " ( I just can't get this oriented the right way)

If you look closly at the Konica Minolta MFP' s sheet bypass tray, when the tray is open an icon of an envelope will be imprinted on the tray. Some of the MFP's will show the envelope icon with the backside flap folding to the right, or folding to the left. Orient your envelopes so that the envelopes are oriented in the same way as the icon on the bypass tray. Looking closely at your icon, if a tiny postage stamp appears on your icon in the tray, this represents the envelopes inserted into the tray stamp side up. Once again, be certain to orient your envelope so that your "stamp" and the "stamp" within the icon are oriented the identically.

Next, make sure that instructions described above are not in direct conflict with instructions with you from the word processing program. Type an address and check to make certain that the orientations are correct. If so, great, otherwise try the instructions above and see wheich step was executed improperly.

12. Scan(s) to email are going directly into spam folder (aka Why Me . . .  ?)

Scanning to email was working fine for ages, even yesterday all was okay. Now all scans to the office email are ending up in Spam. What’s up with that?

Without getting into complex reasons, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) continuously monitors the emails that you are sending. After a while, if the ISP (erroneously) recognizes patterns to your emails that resemble the content often found in traditional type email, the ISP will be redirect your email to your spam folder even though you had never intended it to go there.

What to do?  Very easy, go into your spam folder that contains this and other emails, select the email that was erroneously sent here, and click on the tab or the box that says “Not Spam”. You may have to do this little exercise a couple of times so that your ISP learns that this was not a spam document.

13. . . .  What is the Konica Minolta's IP address, OR how to check the KM's IP address . . .?Go to the Konica Minolta Control Panel on the Front of the printer.  Press the Menu key, then press the Utility KEY, then press Device Information, and then the IP address will be listed for you.

14. My Documents are not Printing.   What to Do . . .? Many things to look for but here is a start;

 1. Make certain that you have selected the correct printer from the Printer Dialoge Box. If so, proceed to next step.

 2. Make certain that selected printer from the Printer Dialoge Box has the matching IP address of the printer. See Tips & Tricks #10, above.  If so, proceed to next step.

 3. See if another computer can print to the printer that you are having difficulty with. If so, proceed to next step.     

4. Make certain that the appropriate network cables are plugged into the printer and computer. If so, proceed to next step.

5. Make certain that the IP Address of the printer has not changed. If it has changed consult your IT personal.   If it has not changed, proceed to next step.

6. To check for continuity of the printer on your network, see if 1 or 2 yellow, or yellow & green LED's are lit up on the printer where the network cable is connected to at the printer. It should be blinking. At least the printer is "connected" to the network in some capacity.   If so, proceed to next step.

 7. Next, send a Microsoft WORD print job to the Konica Minolta printer and see if the Data Lights are blinking. Data Lights are the 4 blue (usually, but older models are a single green LED) LED's that are on the front of the printer. If the data lights are blinking, then the data of the print job has gotten to the printer, and it should start printing soon. If the data lights are lit up as a steady (not blinking) blue, then in most cases the data has been received by the printer, but the printer is unable to further  process the print job because the print job is somehow corrupted.   If so, proceed to next step.

Press the Stop key on the printer control panel. and reboot the printer by turning off the MAIN power switch off behind the front door of the printer.  Delete the Print Job from the Print Job Queue.

8. Next, send a PDF print job to the Konica Minolta printer and see if the Data Lights are blinking. If the data lights are blinking, then the data of the print job has gotten to the printer, and it should start printing soon. If the data lights are lit up as a steady (not blinking) blue, then in most cases  the data has been received by the printer, but the printer is unable to further  process the print  job because the PDFprint job is somehow corrupted.  Press the stop key on the printer control panel. and reboot the printer by turning off the MAIN power switch off behind the front door of the printer. Delete the Print Job from the Print Job Queue.

15.  . . . I just got a new computer and it ain't printing . . . (with offices utilizing PIN numbers).

You just a new computer and the documents are not printing, although all documents are successfully printing from the previous computer. Your office uses PIN numbers for accoutability of copy and print usage? Yes? The this is how to correct the problem.

You should click on the four colored Windows ican or enter the letters CON in your search bar. IF you use CON, CONTROL PANEL will become your selection and press the ENTER key. Then select DEVICES AND PRINTERS and press ENTER. Then point to the appropriate Konica Minolta printer, and right click onto PRINTING PREFERENCES. Select the BASIC tab, then select the AUTHENTICATION key.  Then bypass the cell that says NAME or USER NAME and go to PASSWORD. Enter your PIN number in this cell but it will be hidden as you enter the digits. When you are done, press the key on the bottom that is APPLY and then OK, and exit out of PRINTING PREFERENCES.

Your PIN number is now embedded into the PRINTING PREFFENCES and you should be able to print successfully.

16. . . . How do I get a meter reading? . . .

On the models the end in "4", "8", "e" or an "i", press the Menu key in the upper right corner of the Control panel, then the Counter key in the upper left edge of the control panel. On the older models that do not end in "4" or "8", press the Utility Key on the control panel, then press the "Counter" or "Meter Count" key. It's as simple as that.

17. . . . . Copy quality issues in relation to dampness or atmospheric conditions . . . 

If you are experiencing uneven copy quality, less than solid black fill or not sharp images it is easy to test for the paper giving you the headache and not the printer itself. Make a two sided copy or print, and see if the second side is giving you better copy quality result than the first side. If the second side is better than the first side,  you will know that the paper was damp, and is partially dried out as a result of passing through the heated section of the printer a second time, in effect drying the paper out.

18. . . .  Damp paper issues, What to do ? . . .

Each ream of paper is wrapped. It is best to let the Konica Minolta MFP run out of paper and replenish paper as a whole ream at a time. The internal heat of the printer will help minimize the dampness absorption of the paper to some extent. If the paper is damp in the printer, replace with a new ream of paper.

Older Konica Minolta MFP's have a drum dry switch that can be turned on by the user. Open the front door, and on the lower frame area of the printer, there might be a switch that identifies it as such. By having the printer turned off but plugged into the wall, the Drum Dry switch will dehumidify the drum. There is no down side to keeping the Drum Dry switch on. Newer models did away with the drum dry switch and dehumidify the drum automatically.

In extremely humid environments, we recommend placing Silca Gel Desiccant packs in the 1 pound packs for their moisture absorption qualities because they may last an entire season. Be extremely careful, but you can put one pack in the letter sized paper drawer only. Put in the unused space to the left of the paper and tape it down onto the drawer. DO NOT PUT THE SILICA GEL ON THE PAPER or DO NOT USE WITH ANY PAPER LARGER THAN LETTER SIZE! I repeat, DO NOT PUT THE SILICA GEL ON THE PAPER or DO NOT USE WITH ANY PAPER LARGER THAN LETTER SIZE. DO NOT USE ON PRINTERS WITH LARGE CAPACITY PAPER DRAWERS!!

Partial reams of paper should be used to top off other printers.           Loose reams of paper should be stored in a sealed tupperware utility box.


19. . . .Will not print in color from my computer, but will print in color from other computers, what to do . . . To see  the proper  setting in PRINTING PREFERENCES in your operating system in Windows 10, (similar in previous operating systems) go to the SEARCH cell on the bottom of the left corner of the homepage. Type PRINT in the cell, and printers will appear. Select printer, scroll through the listed printers until the model appears of the printer that is no cooperating. Click on that printer, left click the MANAGE key. Select PRINTING PREFERENCES on the left side column, and a box will open. A (DIALOUGE BOX) will open. Click on the QUALITY tab on top of the DIALOGUE BOX, and make certain that the dropdown selection is set for AUTO COLOR. Press the APPLY key at the bottom of the box, and then OK. Then, exist out of this setting adjustment. See if you are able to print in color from your computer.

If  NO, and your office uses PIN numbers, then check to see if this function was enabled. Go back into the process previously described to open the DIALOUGE BOX. Select the second tab from the left called BASIC. Towards the right side select AUTHENTICATION / ACCOUNT TRACK.  Insert the PIN number you normally use to make a color copy from the copier on the side called ACCOUNT TRACK, in the cell called PASSWORD (4 Digits).  Press the VERIFY key. Then press OK at the bottom of the box. Then press APPLY, and then press OK at the bottom of the DIALOUGE BOX. You have now locked  your PIN number into the PRINTING PREFERENCES of your computer.                      Color printing from your computer should now work.


20.  The toner will not fit into copier? . . .  Open the front door of the copier, in the area above or alongside the toner cartridge, a decal will appear identifying the type of toner required by that machine, i.e. TN-324C.  Look for the corresponding toner type on the box that the toner came out of. If its not the same it won’t fit.


21.  The toner kinda fits into but cannot be rotated clockwise.   Make certain that the colored tape on the black section of the cartridge is removed.


22.  Does not scan-to-email beyond 20 - 25 originals (most Konica Minolta automatic document feeders have a capacity of 150 sheets or greater). . .  Internet service providers (ISP) have a file size limitation that in free or inexpensive versions of internet hosting limits the size of the transmitted document. Typically, the ISP limits the scanned document to 15 -20 megabytes of transmittal. Many factors contribute to increasing file size but there are settings within scanning that will allow you to decrease file size and increase pages.  The first key to press within scan is Scan Settings, press PDF, and then select Compact PDF. Using Compact PDF will allow a compression scheme of 25 - 30% reduction. Secondly, if you are typically sending text, and not photos or images that are in color, select the Scan Settings key within Scan, and change the color from Auto Color to Grey scale or better yet Black/White. Selecting grey scale will reduce your file size and selecting Black / White will allow an even smaller file size to be created. Next, depending on the size of the text that is being scanned, you can try reducing the scan resolution from the current setting to 300 x 300 dpi or even 200 x 200 dpi by selecting Resolution within Scan Settings, and picking the a lower DPI than the one that you are currently using. Lastly, try using these steps one step at a time to determine which step or steps is most effective for you. Combining all the steps at once may not allow you to send colored photographs or small fonts, so try the above steps incrementally.




                                         By using the steps above, you should be able to identify most  issues with regards to printers not printing.  

                                     If you are still experiencing a non printing printer, please consult your IT Engineer or contact Office Dynamics, Inc.