Multifunction Systems

Multifunction Systems

With a multifunction system from Office Dynamics, you can clear up space in your office and boost your company’s productivity. By combining the functions of many pieces of equipment into one, these machines allow you to accomplish more with less.

Features of Multifunction Systems

Multifunction Systems give you the features of the following devices:


They enable you to create thousands of clean, sharp prints each month. Many current models have Wi-Fi or Ethernet capabilities, which allow you to print from multiple computers and further increase your company’s efficiency.


With a multifunction system, you can also make high-quality copies quickly. You can reproduce both black-and-white and color images with enhancing technologies that allow the copies to look like originals.


Multifunction systems let you upload images and documents onto your network as well.

Fax Machines

Not only can you create documents with a multifunction system, you can distribute them with greater ease. Many machines give you options to fax or email documents to other directly from the device.

To learn more about Office Dynamics’ available multifunction systems, check out our product catalog or contact us.