Technology & Finance Partners

Technology & Finance Partners

In order to ensure we can always fit our clients with the best solutions to meet their needs, Office Dynamics has partnered with trusted financial services companies to offer flexible financing options in order to work important office equipment purchases into your business budget.

Office Dynamics understands that having the right technological solution for your office equipment needs is never enough. Financial solutions for leasing multifunction systems, printers, copiers and managed print services should also have a range of flexible options.

We believe that every financial transaction begins with understanding a client’s business culture and objectives as well as the trends that affect that client’s industry. We can then provide cost-effective lease, rental and purchase solutions that support their immediate and long-term goals.

Advantages for Office Dynamics’ Clients

Most businesses just lease the copier or buy it outright. Office Dynamics’ clients have the added advantages of:

  • Per Copy Charge
  • Seasonal Lease Programs
  • Deferred Lease Programs
  • Step Lease Programs
  • Lease Back Purchase Agreement

Leasing Partners

To provide copier lease solutions to our clients, we are proud to partner with world-wide leaders in office equipment leasing:

DLL Group

DLL is a fully-owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group operating in 36 countries and specializing in office technology financing.

Wells Fargo Financial

Wells Cargo Financial (fka  as GE Capital) offers flexible financial solutions for office equipment purchasing and leasing in more than 50 countries.

Contact us today to learn more about flexible office equipment financing and office equipment leasing options!